About the Owners
Hi. We're Pete & Monique. We are a couple in our 40s living on Sydney's northern beaches. We've had dogs all our lives and when we bought a house with a yard it was time to extend the family - dogs. Monique thought of a Rottweiler and Pete wanted a border collie but after research and discussion with responsible breeders we decided on ... dobermans. Monique went to a breeder in Orange to collect our bitch Zen (deceased) and came back with 2 black and tan dogs - she had fallen in love with Morpheus (deceased) as well.

They lived 13 years and died of old age a few years ago. By then we were hooked on Dobies so we bought a beautiful red bitch from Engelhuette Dobermans. We named her Ziva. After an exam to become a breeder and lots of helpful advice - Ziva's had puppies! Sydney's northern beaches have off leash dog areas and we exercise our dogs daily for at least 45 minutes. We travel and go camping a lot and we take our dogs. They love to get out into the bush. We have borses (but not at home) and we often travel with horses and dogs.

We love and care for our dogs and we want the same for Ziva's puppies.

Deciding to have puppies was driven by Monique and has been a fulfilling, if at times stressful, experience. Unfortunately we can't keep 4 pups ... so sadly we are selling them. If you are considering a dog consider a Doberman - you won't regret it. Dobermans are fun, affectionate and sound dogs that make great pets.