Engelhuette Turn Back Time - Ziva

Click here for Ziva's pedigree.

Ziva is a registered four-year-old bitch with her first litter and has proven to be a great mum. Ziva loves to be with the family and we expect her pups to have the same nature. She is an active and healthy dog that was easy to train. Ziva has tested negative for dilated cardiomyopathy. As a carrier of Von Willebrand disease we have mated her with a dog that is Von Willebrand free. All her puppies are guaranteed not to contract vWD. Tails will be intact and if the new owner wishes the dew claws removed we suggest this occur at the time of desexing. All puppies will be sold on the limited register, vaccinated and chipped.

Ziva has been highly trainable which is not a surprise as Dobermans are ranked number 1 by Hart and Hart (1985) in obedience command training. Contrasting with their reputation Dobermans rank lower than Cocker Spaniels, Border Collies and Great Danes for human directed aggression (Duffy DL, Hsu Y & Serpell JA (2008) and exhibit average aggression to other animals and dogs.